polarized politics.

Note to the reader: I am not a poet. And I am quite hungry, since I spent my lunch break writing this. So take it for what it's worth—a word from a hungry, non-poet.

Ode to the Election

I am sad today you see
and not for why you'd think I'd be

I'm sad because our nation's changed
and each of us can share the blame—
as parties push far, further apart,
America shows her divided heart

Angry posts and mocking tweets
all speak to our subtle, silent defeat
As our once-united, now-split-up land
will soon forego her strength to stand

What kills me most is what might come,
a time of poverty, economically undone
More friends of mine could lose their jobs
and homes and hopes and fear of God

Our kids will flounder in broken schools
while unions control our teachers' rules
Debt mounts for government and for grads,
America's broke and collegians are out bad

The rich will take their money and books
and flee from cities without second looks,
leaving behind the ones who need
a steadfast friend who is free from greed

Some churches will fight their secondary wars
of women's roles and inerrancy implores,
While outsiders gather and point their finger
at the Church they hate and the people who linger

What then, my friends, what then becomes
of the place we live and the people we love
Will judgment, wrath, and persecution come—
Our liberty lost or freedom won?

Will we use the next four years to learn,
to listen, to sacrifice, and to yearn—
to work for so much more than ourselves
preparing for our world's trials and quells

Will we choose to face each other and speak,
to communicate grace and friendship to seek—
joining our hands to give and to serve,
crossing party lines with a passionate verve?

In this will we honor our God and our faith,
speaking truth in love and wisdom and grace? 
God help us all to really hear each other,
most especially help me to love my brother

[Interesting reading: Studies of the polarization of our politics]

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