and so it begins.

In my view, the inaugural post is quite important as it sets the tone for the blog to come. Since I am hoping to step shamelessly into the often unbecoming world of blogging, I am thinking a disclaimer of sorts would be the safest start to the adventurous road ahead.

The disclaimer is this:

I am very much in process. What I write today might not make sense tomorrow. Years from now, I am sure, I will look back and think some of what was said was reactionary or immature, silly even. Where I today see black, I might yet see gray, and what I think I know might soon give way to questions or a shrug. Still, my queries are for answers and the doubts I pose for reason, for both birds and minds must land in time to find rest in the midst of musings.

Of one thing I am sure, the goal will remain the same:

My aim is to seek truth, to explain the things I see, and to faithfully muse about the reality that clearly seems to be.

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